Kai Romero

Kai is a dragon hybrid and Kaya’s twin brother.

He likes video games, sports and having fun in general. Easy going,  mischievous and rather intelligent, he’s a little competitive but can take a loss. Even though he’s often the primary target of his sister’s pranks and well-meant but gone wrong attemps, he loves his sister and will protect her.

Kaya Romero

Kaya is a dragon hybrid and Kai’s twin sister.

She likes singing, music and video games. Not a ‘sportsy’ type like her brother. She can be a little hyper when excited or when she had too much chocolate. Chocolate is her favorite food EVER! She’s easy going, has her head up in the clouds at times. It may not always look like it, but she adores her brother to bits, and refers to him as her big bro, even though they’re twins.

Marco Romero

Marco is Kai and Kaya’s father and married to Sabrina Blueford.

A passionate cook with Italion roots. During his waking hours he’s usually found either spending time with his family or cooking. He recently got enough money together to start his own restaurant. Marco is generous, hospitable, spontaneous and an overal happy guy. He loves his wife and children very much and the only thing that would get his blood boiling is when you lay a finger on them.

Sabrina Blueford

Sabrina is Kai and Kaya’s mother and married to Marco Romero.

Sabrina is a psychologist and often the voice of reason in the house. She’s down to earth, sweet, patient, has a wide sense of humor (often necessary in this family) and caring. She loves her husband a lot and is proud of her children, even though they can be more than a handfull at times.