Twin Dragons is a comic written and drawn by Robin Dassen. It’s about the daily lifes of the twins Kai and Kaya Romero, born as dragon hybrids in a human world.

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What’s the update schedule?
Every Monday! You can follow updates on Facebook, twitter, tumblr, deviantart, RSS or even get it in the mail through this mailing list.


In this world, hybrids started to be born at a certain point. They are humans with varying degrees of animal characteristics. The main characters Kai and Kaya are dragon hybrids, and have about the maximum degree of animal characteristics they can get. They have scales, a green skin color, a snout, long ears and can even breath fire! Lesser degrees of hybrids are know to have only different ears or a tail, or maybe claws instead of nails.
Science has no answer to why it is happening yet. About 10% of the newborns become hybrids at this point, so they’re still a minority.


May I translate Twin Dragons into another language?
Yeah, go for it! Just a few things to note: make sure you leave the URL and link back to Also, Twin Dragons is free, so no posting to pay-to-view sites. That would be not nice.