Hey everyone, I’m Robin, creator of the comics. I hope you like what I do and my comics make you smile.

Making comics has been a dream of mine since I entered high school and got in contact with all the wonderfull comics out there. I picked up my pencil and drew at any chance I got. Now, more than ten years later, I’m here and making two weekly comics that combine my passion for comics, storytelling and video games. And I love every second of it!

That’s why I want to ask you readers for support. You can help me keep that dream a reality by supporting me in various ways. I’ve listed some ways for you to support me (and Kai and Kaya of course, they need your support, they will forever love you ^^)

    1. Patreon 

      Patreon is a way to support creators on a kind of subscription based method. You can support me for as little as a dollar each month through patreon. The following video explains patreon very well:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wH-IDF809fQ

      Please check out my patreon and see what rewards and goals I’ve set:

      patreon My Patreon

    2. G2A 

      If you love games, like I do, you could buy games and still support me! No extra money required, just go to my referal link here and whichever game you buy, I get a little something of G2A’s profit. You pay nothing extra to support me! Another great thing about this, is that G2A is generally cheaper than even steam for games, so it’s a great place to buy games. I do so regularly.

    3. Donate 

      Don’t want to subscribe to a monthly patreon but still want to support me? Use my donation button and donate me what you think is fair.
      You can click the blue¬†‘buy me a coffee’ button right over there in the right sidebar.

    4. Share 

      Don’t want to spend money but still want to support me? Share the comic around the internet by using the share buttons under the comic! It’s fast and easy to share the comic on all social media networks. Share it on your twitter, tumblr, Facebook, instagram,… or any other social media you might use. This helps me tremendously since you’re advertising my comic like this.

    5. Tell everyone you know 

      Do you know someone who might enjoy the comics? Tell them! By telling all your friends, family members, colleagues, associates, that weird guy on the bus to work, anyone,… you help me out greatly.

    6. Comment 

      And lastly, simply comment on my work. I read every comment and try to react to every one of them. Even if I don’t react to your post, rest assured I’ve read them and simply did not have the time at that moment to react. Reading the comments fills me with joy and gives me all the more reason to continue the comics, so keep on commenting people!


If you use even one of these methods to support me, I will be forever gratefull. I’m already thankfull to every one of you who read my comics. Thanks for taking the time and enjoy my work, you guys are awesome!

thank you