Chapter 7 starts today! The gang finds themselves on a field trip to the museum. Absolutely nothing can go wrong!


So the outfit contest has ended and I got 17 great entries! All of them were great and creative. All of them were great! You guys put a lot of work into this, the outfits look good and are creative. Unfortunately, not all of them can easily put into the comic at any given time, some of them require me to make a chapter or at least a joke around them to make them fit. Because of this, I decided to choose the winner of the colored commission in the fairest way.

I gave them all a number and let a random number generator do it’s job. I think this is the fairest way, since I will be selecting the new outfits for the comic based on what fits the comic better. I didn’t want anyone to unfairly be overlooked for the prize, so doing it like this makes sense to me.

The winner of the colored commission is:

Kitsune! (kitsune’s entry)

I’ll be contacting you soon about the details ^^


Now, for the outfits that will be in the comic. I selected the ones that would fit in the comic so I can use them from next chapter onwards. I put them in a vote form with google forms, so please visit this link and cast your vote on the ones you like most:


To see ALL the entries at once, please have a look over here:



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