Kaya knows all the tricks to do what she’s not supposed to do.


The poll is over now and I’m counting all the votes. I separated the votes by source as well, because that’s interesting for me to know. The totals are what counts most though, and it seems like Kaya is the most popular character again this year, by a landslide! Go Kaya, obliterating the competition with your hyperactive cuteness 😀

There were a couple votes for some of the cameo characters as well. Great to see that they are loved and voted on 😀 I didn’t include them here in the final count, but I’m sure you have the thanks of the cameo owners for giving them a vote ^^

It also seems like a lot of you enjoyed the C&D chapter a lot. It won out by a landslide as well. This only strengthens my resolve to do more of these kind of chapters in the future. Might be C&D, might be something else. Showing off everyone’s hobbies might be a lot of fun as well 😀

I’ll keep on going on the course I set for myself with Twin Dragons, as most people who took the poll suggested I should do. As long as everyone keeps enjoying the comic, I’ll be happy too ^^

I’m still in the progress of reading through all the written comments on the poll questions. There are a lot of good ones in there, and I don’t want to miss a single one. I’ll try and get a summary by next week if time allows it, otherwise it will be for in two weeks.


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