Kaya managed to smuggle something out of the cave, and Rex wants to be in on it.

It’s an important date today. This page is number 156, so the comic is officially 3 years old!!! (give or take a few Christmas specials) This also means I got something special prepared, but instead of making a picture for it, I decided to hold a contest.


Everyone can enter. The contest rules are very simple:

– Go here to download a template I prepared for the contest: https://sta.sh/019zkvjxqygx
– Take the template and design a new outfit for one or all of the main cast.
– You can either draw the outfit, or you can take some pictures and paste them next to it. As long as I can see what kind of outfit it is, it’s a legit entry.
– email the file to twindragonscontest@gmail.com
– Make sure to tell me your (nick)name so I know how to adress you if you win
– You can enter as many times as you want, but you can only win once
– You have two weeks to make the outfits and send them to me.


Now, as for prizes, I’m going to keep it simple as well:

– Everyone of the main cast will get a new outfit, so there will be 5 winners. The winning outfits will become a permanent piece of their wardrobe so the outfits will be featured in the comic at least once! After that, the outfit or part of the outfit might return several times.
– Of the 5 winners, I will have a random number generator pick one of them, and they will get a free colored commission 😀 (limited to two characters and a simple background, cell shaded like the comic.)


All entries will be uploaded so that everyone can view them. The decision of who wins will be partially done by voting from the community and by judging.

So, get your inner clothing designer geared up and make some great outfits for the cast 😀