Kaya spots a T-Rex. This can only go well.


October starts today, and that means it’s Halloween season! This year, I made four different Halloween prints with our favourite twin and friends and uploaded them on my new Redbubble page! I’m sure you will find one you like so head on over to my store page and have a look:


Werebeast Kaya

Gravedigger Kai

Ringu Cleo and Kaya

Benjiana Jones and Rex


But that’s not all. Since it’s the first time I made prints, I’m going to do something special.

If you buy one print, you will get an exclusive Halloween wallpaper for your desktop and Phone. (I’m making that one this week, so you’ll have it by next week)

If you buy three prints, I’ll make you a hand drawn and signed sketch and mail it to you! You can tell me who of the main cast you want to see in your sketch.

This action is for a LIMITED time only. You can get these rewards from right now up to Wednesday 10 october.

How do you claim this rewards? If you finished your order on Redbubble, please send me a mail with your redbubble username and “PRINTS” in the subject name to dreamytwincomics@gmail.com and I’ll do the rest.




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