As promised, here is a summary of the poll results. But instead of a litteral summary, I decided to just answer some of the things that were asked about and expand of some of the suggestions. If I were to go about all of them at once here, this would get way too long, so I’ll be posting some for the next couple weeks. Enjoy 😀

1. more human characters

1. More human characters! I’ve seen people asking for more human characters in the cast. Rest assured, there will be more humans in the story. Nate is only the beginning. That said, the focus lies on Kai and Kaya and the hybrids, so while the hybrids are considered rare compared to regular humans, the story will have a tendency to focus on the hybrids. It will show us how the hybrids are, but there will be more humans in the future chapters.

2. Happy comic!

I also saw that people were happy with the generally happy tone of the comic. Some people said they didn’t have to fear it would take a seriously dark turn all of a sudden. That’s correct, I like my stories happy and I will keep Twin Dragons in the tone it has been so far. I will have some sadder moments in the future chapters, though. Life isn’t all happiness and rainbows all the time. The hybrids in Hybrid City have it good, but it’s not like that everywhere. Rest assured, I won’t be turning towards dark and depressing, since I don’t like that, but there might be a tear flowing somewhere. It’s part of life.

3. The characters are great!

I got praised for the characters a lot. You all seem to like how alive they are and how real they feel. Thank you for the praise! I tend to think about my characters a lot and have them live out their own life in my head, while all I do is present them to situations for them to handle. It’s both a blessing and a curse, since I tend to think so much about it that I forget other things ^^’

4. Where did they come from!?

This one came up a lot: How did hybrids came to be? Good news. I already told people last year that this would be revealed eventually. It’s almost time, next chapter will be the hybrid origin chapter! Expect answers to this burning question that’s on everyone’s mind 😀

5. When will they get their wings!?

You wouldn’t believe how many times I get asked about when Kai and Kaya’s wings will grow in xD

The answer will probably disappoint, but they won’t get wings anymore. They’re 14. If they were going to get wings, they should have at least have little ones at this point. I created them as flightless dragons. Sorry to everyone that was hoping for their wings ^^’You wouldn’t believe how many times I get asked about when Kai and Kaya’s wings will grow in xD

On the subject of flying hybrids: Making a webcomic means that I don’t have everything planned out from the beginning. One of the things I told myself is that I will update the cannon rules of the world as I go and as I get asked about it, because there is no way I can have anticipated for everything in existence. One such thing is flying hybrids.

I played with the idea of flying hybrids in the early days of the comic, but the more I thought about it, the more it felts like a bad idea to me. Flying is a very specific specialization in the animal world that requires very specific modifications to the body. I’m talking hollow bones, big wingspan, all those things. It would be pretty much impossible to have a humanoid fly with his or her own wings unless they’re huge AND the humanoid has hollow bones. Aside from the implications this would have on the hybrid itself, I’m also going to be honest and say that this kind of thing would be a design nightmare to keep consistent in the comic itself.

Bird hybrids ARE possible, and they will have feathers and everything, but they won’t be able to fly.

That’s it for now, more answers next week 😀