Let’s continue the poll summary from last week, shall we? 😀

1. More backgrounds for the characters

I saw this one appear several times. You people ask for more background on Benji, Cleo and Rex. I’m glad to say that everyone will get more screen time eventually. Especially Benji has two full chapters planned around him and his backstory already. I can’t say exactly when it will appear, as the next two chapters are planned to be different, but the chapters are there and will happen!

2. Hybrid abilities!

How do they breath fire? Do they have scales? How strong are they? Many questions, and I did say last year I would go into more detail about these. I even has some sketches to go with it, but things happened and I forgot about it until it was time for the poll again this year. I do have some ideas on how to implement this in between chapters now, but we will see.

3. Build that world!

Worldbuilding, the basis for the entire world of the story. While I based myself on our current world, there are quite some things that have to be adjusted to fit the hybrids in there. Not all things are adjusted, even in Hybrid City, since we are still in the first generation of hybrids. Many of you wanted to see more of the world, and I will try to do so, both in the comic and outside of it. One thing I saw asked was how hybrids were treated in other parts of the world. Maybe I do some small side comics about that at some point. What I can tell you already is that it’s not like Hybrid City everywhere in the world. Some hybrids don’t get treated very well. This is the reason that many of them move to Hybrid City or another part of the world where they are accepted when they are able to. Jesse and his little brother are such an example. While not treated bad directly, they wouldn’t have much of a future in their home country because they were hybrids. It’s new and lots of people just don’t understand or trust them for some reason.

4. Why dragons? Are there other mythological beasts?

Good question. If you remember my earlier post about inspiration for Twin Dragons, you will know that the inspiration for Kai came from a great dragon OC from RuDragon. This is the reason why Kai and Kaya are dragons. Pretty simple reason, I know :p Are there other mythological hybrids? Yes! They are rare and far between, and generally there is only one of each. Kai and Kaya being twins AND mythological is extremely rare. We will see another mythological in the next chapter, so look out for that 😀

5. How did their old town end up?

I didn’t expect people to want to know what happened to the twin’s old town so much, but here you are, asking anyway xD Truth be told, I didn’t plan this and I can’t answer that right now. Since so many of you want to know about it, I should come with an answer to that, so I will. Once again, I can’t say when, but I’ll try to implement it in the story somehow.