Kai and Kaya got each others back in every situation.


The first hybrid abilities I’ll be talking about soon are those of Kai and Kaya. I’m still cleaning up some sketches on the topic but I’ll be posting those on the extra tab of the website soon. Meanwhile, I got an exciting idea for march. I’m going to try a choose your own adventure starting on the first of march. There’s a catch though, I’ll be posting those every day on TopWebComics as a voting incentive. So it’s not a big catch, I just want your vote :p I think it’s going to be a fun experiment and it will help the comic gain some more readers in the progress. Stay tuned for the first one on the first of march!


I put the wallpaper version of the year of the dog with Benji up on gumroad for download. It’s in a ‘pay what you want’ format, so that means it’s free and you CAN pay me any amount that you think it’s worth, but only IF you want to. You don’t have to. Enjoy the wallpaper and any tips are really appreciated!

Year of the dog wallpaper pay what you want!
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