Rex is a practical guy. Heavy damage gets the job done, so that’s what he goes for.


So I got through all 260 poll results. You guys voted so much, thank you ^^

I got a loooot of useful information out of that, mostly on what you guys think of the comic so far and what you would want to see. I can already say that most of what you had to say will be covered sooner or later in the comic. Here are my thoughts on the specific topics that came up:

  • Background stories of the main characters
    • I got chapters planned on all the characters. This includes the twins, Benji, Cleo and Rex. The first one of these that gets his own chapter, aside from Kai and Kaya of course, is Benji. So rejoice, Benji fans ๐Ÿ˜€
    • Zuri got asked about a couple times. I’m sad to say, she’s not one of my own characters, she is a cameo payed for through patreon. As such, there are no plans to make her into a full character.
  • Regular humans
    • Oh boy, did I see this one coming up quite a lot :p Many of you want to see more interactions between hybrids and humans, and I agree on this!
    • The reason why there haven’t been any humans in the cast yet, is because I had way too much fun with the creation of the hybrids AND because I didn’t feel confident enough in my ability to draw human faces. In the future, there will be more humans though. Hybrids are the minority after all, so it only makes sense.
  • Worldbuilding
    • I’m in the midst of making some plans for this. Obviously I can’t start pouring exposition about the world all over you in the comic, and it hasn’t come up much in the comic itself either, so I’ll be doing this in a different way in the near future. One thing that I’m thinking about is making side stories or sketches about the world, how the hybrids get treated, about what’s different in their life,… everything that I (and you guys) can think of.
    • I’ll also be making sure to get your input on this. I will be making polls to see what you guys want me to work on first.
  • The origin of the hybrids
    • The long standing mystery. How did hybrids come into existence? What happened? Was it aliens? All questions WILL be answered in one of the next chapters people. It will be the origin chapter! There will be surprises! Up to now, I’ve heard many theories by fans, but no one has pinpointed it as of yet. This will be fun ^^
  • There were some questions about possible crushes, ships and teenage love life. Can’t say much about that yet, but one thing is certain. I hate stories where there is a love relationship just waiting to happen, and it NEVER happens. (an anime specialty :p )ย Don’t expect that here if I ever come to anything like that.
  • Finally there were people that wanted to see various things, like how the restaurant is doing, more about the parents, other family of the twins, more pranks,… Rest assured, most of what has been said will appear in one form or another. I just don’t know when yet.

That’s it for the results. I covered the most important points for now. I might talk about some other points later if it comes up. Really really thank you for voting and telling me your honest opinion, it really helps me out and makes me want to work on the comic even more.

One quick thing I want to say. While I will take all these suggestions to heart in one way or another, they will in no way influence the general flow of the story. I read of some people worrying I would do whatever people would suggest, but that has never been my intention. I do this to look into what you think of the comic and what was liked. I’m well aware that if I take these literal and write the story, it would lose the personal feeling I put into it. Still, knowing what is liked and disliked allows me to work on these points to make them better. So rest assured that I will keep a strong hold on the story ^^


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